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    The only marketing + creative technology trade show in the MENA region that gathers the mostprolific, imaginative and disruptive tech forces that are reinventing the marketing, communications and CX benchmarks globally.

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    Digital Research, Testing & Ranking

    Similar to a seismometer that measures every motion of the ground, we measure every smallest to largest changes in the behaviour of your digital audience through web and mobile surveys, review and test every interaction experience of your customers with your digital product, and we assess the overal performance of your brands' web presence.

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    Remote Digital Marketing Analytics

    Enjoy the peace of mind of having a 24/7 remote support team at your service assisting you with all matters of your data analytics needs across web analytics platforms, cross-channel online advertising and other digital marketing tools; from their implementation and monitoring to measuring, reporting and maximising their performance with ROI.

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    Experience Digital Data Intelligence

    We put all your business and social, quantitative and qualitative, structured and unstructured data under the microscope to explore, communicate their hidden meaningful patterns and prospects thru data mining, data visualisation and predictive analytics techniques to help you better understand the past and be better prepared for future events.

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    Explore Emerging Asian Markets

    Discover untapped business opportunities in Uzbekistan and other highly potential and perspective Asian regions by connecting to the right local professional people; or establish your brand awareness and its local presence with our free online business networking and performance based digital advertising network platforms.

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Prospectuz DGTAL is a UK registered consultancy with distributed remote teams specialised in digital marketing and e-business performance measurement. We aim to be internationally recognised data-driven market insights and information analytics solutions company, and ultimately your highly trusted digital marketing and analytics management partner.

Our Focus & Expertise - We Specialise & Help Businesses in Four Key Areas

Digital Research

We provide actionable qualitative insights via online surveys and polls; review and test software applications for QA & UX levels; audit websites for performance, effectiveness & ROI.

Digital Analytics

We measure and communicate the sense of your marketing data across web, mobile and social analytics platforms, multi-channel online advertising media & digital tools.

Digital Intelligence

We explore and extract the hidden prospects of your business data thru advanced data analysis, text mining, visualisations, predictive analytics, forecasting & business modeling.

Digital Transformation

We craft digital strategic plans, develop e-commerce and digitalise business processes of your organisation by setting up effective performance measurement mechanisms.

Our Key Deliverables Include:

  • Digital Markets Research

    Corporate Website Surveys

    Reports & Insights

    Softwares UX Testing

  • Website
    Performance Audits

    Web Analytics Implementation

    Online Advertising Management

    Measurement Tools

  • Web Dashboards
    & Scorecards

    Websites Ranking
    & Bencmarking

    Digital Reputation Management

    Loyalty Programs

  • Digital Strategies & Plans

    E-Commerce Implementation

    Web-store Management

    Digital Transformation & Technologies Integration

Alternatively, You Can Simply Hire One of Our Consultants
to Work In-house or Remotely as Your Dedicated Outstaffed:

Digital Researcher

Performance Marketing Analyst

Web & Digital Analyst

Digital Strategist

Digital Marketer

Startup Growth Hacker

eCommerce Solution Architect

Digital Adoption & Change Mngr

DMA Corporate Trainer

  • Diversely extensive industry knowledge and experience with tools
    Remote based 24/7 availability
    We are multilingual
    Universally fixed team-based hourly rate billing model
    We maintain high level of professionalism and attention to details

  • International Brands
    Corporate & E-Commerce Websites
    Digital Media Brands
    Digital Marketing & Analytics Agencies
    Organisations Operating in Uzbekistan
    Tech Startups

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Recent Clients

  • A unique UK based research and consultancy group who are experts in global online corporate communications helping to improve the effectiveness of online channels of global Fortune 500 companies.
  • An innovative tech startup based in France and an all-in-one solution to help businesses analyse and monitor their business data in the cloud.
  • The world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company with a portfolio of brands covering almost every food and beverage category – giving consumers tastier and healthier products.

What they say

  • Over the five years that I have worked with Abdu, he has consistently impressed me with his strong work ethic, customer focus and (almost unbelievable) tenacity in solving our technical problems with a wide range of online tools. He is man of great personal integrity and I would not hesitate to entrust him with sensitive commercial data. His location, in Uzbekistan, has never been an impediment to our working relationship. Abdu has always been very flexible in making himself available and the difference in our time zones has boosted, not detracted from, the productivity of our collaboration.

    Helen Lindsay, Bowen Craggs & Co.

  • Abdu worked with Bowen Craggs for nearly 5 years. During that time he helped us build a world-class measurement service for our key clients using business intelligence tools, survey tools, and web analytics. His ability to innovate and get the best out of the tools, inventing new methods, set him apart from other analytics consultants. His dedication to work, fast turnarounds, and dogged resolution of issues was also impressive. Abdu has a wide knowledge of platforms and tools and the determination to make them work effectively for clients.

    Dan Drury, Bowen Craggs & Co.

  • I appreciated Prospectuz DGTAL's work: insightful, thorough, honest, and you ended up seeing things differently (and much more clearly) – and that is a very good thing. Abdu carried out an evaluation of Nestlé's digital marketing communications for corporate brands and further analysed the Nestlé corporate website's surveys results. As a result, we were able to implement a large number of his findings for the web and mobile sites. His work also served as a wake-up call and was also acted on. I can heartily recommend Abdu in the field of digital communications and analytics. He is serious, extremely knowledgeable and turns jobs round quickly and thoroughly. And he will always take your company further.

    Peter Warne, Nestlé SA

  • Working with Prospectuz DGTAL has always been a high performance yet delightful process. A rare combination of result orientation, deep and wide knowledge, smooth collaboration and always timely feedback.

    Nicolas Raspal, Founder & CTO of BIME

Our Digital Marketing Developments

We created two start up solutions to help you better market your business in Uzbekistan and other high potential Asian regions.

We Stay Productively Modern

We work with the latest innovative tools and technologies to stay productive and get the job done by delivering you great results in a timely professional manner.