Are you looking to position and promote your brand in Uzbekistan market but think local traditional media is expensive and not very effective? Do you consider online advertising as a cost effective way to meet your marketing objectives but think it's not easy or time consuming to reach local publishers individually? Then, wouldn't it feel great to be able to reach all those publishers and advertise on their sites in the most cost and time effective way right from the comfort of your office and without even contacting publishers? Give Daromad a try and it won't take you long to realise you've made the right choice and decision for a further success of your business.

How Daromad is different?

Daromad is an advanced and scalable, fast and secure, performance and content based ad delivery network, which is designed to put you in control of your online advertising and budget and make your campaigns highly responsive, time and cost effective as well as achieve maximum ROI possible. The process of advertising is amazingly easy: 1) you create your campaign with a step-by-step guided wizard, before even registering with the platform; 2) you set up your prices and budget for your ads; 3) and once you've deposited your account with required funds, we review and activate your campaign, so then your ads start appearing on publishers' sites instantly.

How Daromad can help my business?

In a traditional scenario, in order to advertise on some popular local websites, you might have to contact each publisher individually and go through a lengthy process of paperwork and agreements to make your ads appear on their sites. And over time, you might realise it takes more time for you to negotiate the ad serving rates with your publishers and make your ads appear on their sites than to actually increase your customers base. Your publisher partners might have been delivering you a lot of traffic and impressions, but not really the actual results you want and pay for. And it can be even harder to get enough detailed campaign performance reports from your publishers. So what you might really need is a single central hub from which you can reach out to any of these publishers you wish to advertise with.

With Daromad, you'll have a totally new experience as you will be able to advertise your brand, product and services on these most popular websites in Uzbekistan as well as on international web resources from the comfort of your office without even contacting those publishers or website owners directly. Daromad is so flexible and powerful that you can run highly targeted campaigns against specific countries and regions, industries and content channels, keywords and phrases, mobile platforms and operators and even schedule your campaigns for specific times of the day and days of the week. All of this will result in your ads appear on most relevant sites and pages, so you enjoy increased traffic with greater respond rate and pay only for delivered real results. Moreover, Daromad provides complete real-time reports and statistics on your campaigns and gives you valuable insights to optimize your ads.

How and where ads are displayed?

We are partnering with quality publishers to ensure highest possible efficiency and responsiveness of your ads. We review each and every site applying for publisher rights and approve the domains submitted because we want your ads to be displayed on relevant sites to relevant audiences. Moreover, we have demanding Publisher review policy to ensure the delivery of valuable traffic.

How much does it cost?

The great thing about Daromad is that it's designed to help you advertise online in the most easiest, effective and economic way. When creating your campaign and setting your cost and budget, the system will recommend you the minimum cost per click rates based on your various criteria set, so based on this minimum rate, you'll have a freedom to set your own rate and be confident that the rate you set is the maximum you'll be willing to pay for each valid click generated, so as a result, your actual campaign may cost you less than your set maximum bid, but not more than that, which gives you a good control of your advertising budget.

How do I start?

You can start right away by clicking the blue button below, so you get a good feel of how easy it is to create your campaigns before even registering. But if you're not sure and wish to have someone walk you through the process and answer all your questions, why not request your free personalised demo at your convenient time by clicking the green button below, and one of our specialists will contact you to confirm the time.

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