What We Do - Our Consulting Services Overview

Digital Marketing Research

Our digital research based offering is grouped into three categories which consist of conducting online surveys and reporting on their findings; reviewing and testing software applications to define their quality and user experience levels; and auditing local websites performance by measuring their overall effectiveness and ROI.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

We offer our digital analytics services across three main categories which consist of working with your web and mobile analytics data; measuring and optimising the performance of your multi-channel online advertising campaigns; as well as use of digital marketing and analytics tools for your business.

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Digital Data Intelligence

Explore the hidden prospects of your marketing, business and social data with our advanced data analysis, data mining, visual discovery and predictive analytics offering. We can help you make sense all of your quantitative, qualitative and unstructured data by transforming them into actionable and valuable information resource.

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Strategy & eBusiness Development

From digital strategy to e-commerce and reputation management, we'll help you get the most out of digital world with effective performance measurement mechanism. From digital strategy to e-commerce and reputation management, we'll help you get the most out of digital world with effective performance measurement mechanism.

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Who We Work With and Whom We Can Help

We offer our digital data consulting services mainly to four groups of organisations; both to client and agency sides.

These could be direct international companies with a strong corporate or e-commerce presence on the web as well as foreign independent digital marketing and analytics agencies or media companies who could work with us to better serve their international clients.

In addition, we aim to serve established commercial organisations in Uzbekistan with a strong regional and web presence along with national tech startup firms to help them get the most out of their online and digital investments.

How Do We Charge - Our Billing Method

At Prospectuz DGTAL we do things differently and this applies to our billing method as well. All our consulting services are billed with a single fixed hourly rate valid for a given financial year; regardless of a project type, length, complexity, different positions and seniorities involved, and how big or small a particular client is. However, for all government and non-profit organisations, we offer our consulting and training services at 33% off of our universal fixed hourly rate billing.

We do this to better maintain our opportunity costs when working on multiple assignments at the same time because while we could spend less time for smaller projects and longer time for bigger projects, we would still be working on them and investing our resources. Having a universal fixed single rate for all our consulting services and clients allows us to maintain our equal committment for each project and client and deliver agreed and expected results as quickly as possible, rather than and instead of giving any preference to one project or client over another. This could also be a good thing for our clients as they know what and how much to expect and budget for when projects take longer than expected.

Also, for any given month, we deliver up to 140 hours of actual billable work for each of the assigned member of our team. And in order to start and carry out the assigned project requirements with minimum possible resources, we ask for a 30% advance retainer payment (from an estimated cost) to be made at the start of a billing period.