Web & Mobile Analytics

Your company and your business might be spending a lot of time and resources in establishing and maintaining your business presence on the web. But how often do you actually measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing activities to gain a maximum possible return from your digital investments? That's what we can help you with by bringing our web and data analytics, reporting and optimisation skills on to the table. We can help you collect and communicate the right data by providing actionable insights and recommendations, so that you could focus on improving and developing your business. If your company already invested in such enterprise, powerful and costly web or full digital analytics suite of tools, you must have also established your analytics team. But things change often and you might feel a need for an extra support to get the most out of your technology investments.

Give us a try to help you manage and get the most out of
the following web analytics platforms for your business

Google Analytics

The most popular and clearly one of the most advanced hosted web analytics platforms that could provide you with the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to access, collect and measure your web and mobile statistics data.

Piwik Analytics

The leading open source multilingual web analytics platform that gives you valuable insights into your websites' visitors, your marketing campaigns and much more with full ownership and privacy of that data.


Industry pioneer and a robust enterprise multi-channel measurement solution providing a comprehensive view of customer acquisition, engagement and retention across all digital channels and entire sales funnels in one place.

Adobe Analytics (Omniture)

World's leading advanced web analytics and data analysis platform used by industry leaders that helps creating a holistic view of a business by turning big data from online and offline customer interactions into actionable insights.

  Online Advertising Analytics

There are many online advertising channels and tools currently avalable on the web to reach out your desired audience. But there are few of them that we think that every business, operating in international market or online should have its presence in and allocate its budget to. But what's more important is when you know that your investment is paying off and bringing you your expected results. And that's where we can become your friends as we can help you measure the performance and effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns, be it on web, search, social or mobile spaces. Moreover, we can also help you better manage, monitor and exploit any of the following online advertising tools and platforms.

Web, Search and Mobile Spaces

Google AdWords

Google's powerful global advertising platform that can help you drive interested people to your website by displaying your ads above or next to relevant search results.

Google AdSense

Cost per click based free and simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google search, display and video ads on their websites.

Bing Ads

Microsoft's powerful global search engine marketing platform that helps you extend your global reach by displaying your ads on the Yahoo Bing Network.


The ultimate cost per click based ad network for your online advertising and site revenue generation needs in Uzbekistan and selected high potential Asian countries.

Social Media Space

Facebook Ads

A powerful tool for reaching the exact audience you want with relevant targeted Facebook ads and sponsored stories.

LinkedIn Ads

Effective ad tool to reach millions of active business professionals with rich display and highly-targeted text ads.

Twitter Ads

A diiferent approach to social advertising to drive business growth and sales with promoted accounts, tweets and trends

YouTube Ads

AdWords and YouTube help businesses grow by delivering their message to the right people at the right time with video ads.

  E-Tools Analytics

Do you use multiple digital marketing and analytics tools on your website or mobile app to track and measure various parts of your business or web presence? We do, like our regularly used favourite solutions from tag management to user experience and social media tracking tools to name a few, so we know what what kind of committment each of those require to provide you with your expected results. And there are so many great tools out there that sometimes it's not only difiicult to make the right choice for your business but you're also left with very little time to manage and optimise those applications to your business needs. That's where we can greatly help you with. From making the right app selection to its set up and integration with your websites, to making each of those apps work well for you, we can help you manage those tools and communicate their insigts with you, so you can focus more on your own other business priorities.

Some Essential Digital Tools We Love and Support

Google Tag Manager

Very useful marketing tool that lets you add or update your website tags easily and for free by minimizing your dependency on web developers.


Great tool that enables marketers to target in-flow user engagements and helps to understand and address the real issues that prevent conversions.


Top multilingual real-time live chat solution for sales and support teams to increase conversions and build valuable customer relations.


Instant and retroactive events tracking and analytics tool for web and mobile that captures every user interaction and measure them later.


All-in-one site's usability and CRO tool with heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, feedback polls, surveys, form analytics & user testing.


Simple and powerful cross domain and platform user session recording tool to capture usability issues, tackle drop-offs and improve conversions.


Inspectlet lets you watch and analyze website visitors behavior instantly with session recording, heatmap vizs and real-time form analytics.


Truly effective web and social listening tool for monitoring and measuring the buzz around your brand reputation, product, keyword and competitors.


Powerful enterprise social media monitoring and online reputation management tool providing multi-lingual quality data and insights.

  Service Deliverables

Standard Analytics Package Support

With standard package support our work will be based on the data you supply us wth from any of the above listed analytics tools or provide us with limited access to your accounts in order to export the required data, so we only focus on analysing that data and then producing set of insightful reports and optimisation suggestions in Excel, Powerpoint and web formats.

Advanced Analytics Package Support

Get peace of mind while we manage, monitor, report and optimise any of the above listed tools on your behalf. We'll support you in every stage from selecting the right tool for your business to their deployments on your sites; defining clear objectives and KPIs to collecting and analysing the required data to provide you with periodic insightful reports, recommendations and on-time alerts.